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LINC Media Inc. has established a new health foods division branded Unique Cures. The Unique Cures concept is one whereby we believe that each part of the world has its own uniquely healthy and efficacious foods and natural remedies, and which we plan to introduce to Japan. While some natural remedy companies are moving towards more complexity and human intervention, our strategy is to focus on simple, pure, active foods with reputations as being conducive for lifestyle and dietary ailments.

Our first product — one of nature's best documented health foods — Manuka Honey from New Zealand. This palatable Active 7+ Manuka honey is available in 250gm, 500gm, and 1kg sizes. Our honey is sourced direct from the apiarists and contains no additives nor has it undergone any processes that might damage its delicate taste and healing properties.



ゴールデンウイークの営業についてLinc Media Inc, Unique Cures Divisionの発送は4月28日までとなります。5月10日からの出荷となります。予めご了承のうえ、ご注文いただきますようお願いいたします。

Please note that Unique Cures will still be accepting orders over the holiday break, however, we will dispatch the orders from May 10th. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

Manuka Honey

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Unique Cures Manuka Honey Active 7+.
Email: UCsales@lincmedia.co.jp
Phone: 03-3499-2399

Unique Cures Manuka Honey Active 7+ prices (including tax)

250 g1980 yen
500 g3200 yen
1 kg5500 yen

Postage & Packaging is from 525yen. Note: When you buy more than 8,000yen worth of honey there will be no charge for shipping the honey to you.

Unique Curesのマヌカ・ハニーについて詳細はお問合せ下さい。




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